When I talk with researchers about our data repository, CORD, I’m often asked how much space people get. We don’t have unlimited storage at our disposal so it’s something to consider carefully with departments who create data in terabytes. So this new competition from figshare (who provide our data repository platform) is something to take notice of – the institution uploading the most items during June wins 100Tb of storage! What are you waiting for? The researchers who upload to the winning institution during June win individual swag, too!

So if you’ve been meaning to get data from recent or current projects on to CORD, now is the time to enjoy having a spring clean and getting up-to-date. Don’t forget that data underpinning any work from RCUK-funded projects must be securely preserved for 10 years since last access, so putting it on CORD is a way to ensure it’s safe and accessible, and you can leave the responsibility of its long-term preservation to us.

Any other valuable data can be safely preserved on CORD, too, and it can be used for a wide variety of output types – we’re not just talking spreadsheets of experimental results. If you create code, images, videos, models, CAD files, or text output, this is all also valuable research data and appropriate for CORD (which even integrates with GitHub). Peer-reviewed publications should still go via CRIS, but any other output can go on CORD, including white papers and poster presentations – anything you’ve created and which you’d like to be citable and see metrics on their use.

Get in touch if you’ve got a collection of items you’d like to upload, but aren’t too sure about how to get started, or whether you have the time for this, and I’ll help as much as I can. Just give me a call (01234 754548, Cranfield Campus x4548) or drop me an email (researchdata@cranfield.ac.uk).

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