Does your research need in-depth historical financial data for North American companies?  Has your supervisor told you to use Compustat data?  If so, you need to take a look at Research Insight.

Research Insight includes both quarterly and annual data from Compustat dating back to the late 1970s for both active and inactive companies.  You can use a wide variety of criteria – including industry, company account items, financial ratios, S&P indices, etc. – to produce data for groups of companies.  It is possible to produce tailor-made reports and graphs for both individual firms and groups of companies and export data to Excel.

Research Insight is accessible on all PCs in MIRC and the Computer Studio.  A detailed guide is available in MIRC.  Due to its specialist nature, it is advisable to spend some time with a member of MIRC staff before using it for the first time.

Coming soon – new method of access via Capital IQ.

For more information, contact MIRC.

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