Do you need economic data? One of the quickest and easiest ways to find global economic statistical data from a range of authoritative sources is to use Passport.  Passport has quarterly and annual historical data going back in some cases to 1977 and also provides several years’ worth of forecasts for some economic indicators e.g. GDP, inflation, population, foreign direct investment to name but a few.  Information is obtained from national statistics offices, governmental and official sources.

Searching really couldn’t be easier.  You can either type your search terms in the search box on the top right hand of the home page and click on the magnifying glass or hit enter.  Alternatively click on the Search button on the left hand side of the tool bar and use the menu structure to select your items.  More detailed instructions on searching and downloading information can be found in our short guide. For other sources of country information, also see our post on researching global macroeconomics here.

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