Do you use Google Scholar to search for academic literature? Does it often give you results that look interesting but  that you cannot access?

Are you aware that you can tell Google that you are a Cranfield University member and customise your search to retrieve articles and other content that we actually subscribe to here at Cranfield?  You weren’t?  Well, now you know.


It’s easy!  Just follow the steps below:

  • Open Google Scholar (and log in) and, at the top left of the screen, click on the stripes icon to open your preferences.
  • Within the Google Scholar menu, select the settings ‘cog’ on the top right left and select the  ‘Library Links’ tab.
  • Search for Cranfield in the searchbox.
  • Select the Cranfield options and click ‘Save’.


  • In order to access full-text for subscription material, you will need to login with your CCNT (network) username and password.

Although it makes no difference to the items listed in your results, configuring your Scholar settings in this way will allow Google to highlight results where full-text access is available via the University and let you click straight through to full-text.

As always, please direct any comments to MIRC or the Kings Norton Library. Come and ask us if you have any questions about searching, whether on Google or on any of our subscription resources.

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