Staff in the Kings Norton Library have been working hard to reduce ongoing problems with noise.

From 1 March, we have introduced a new service where you can text us to tell us if you are being disturbed by other students in quiet or silent study areas.

The service will run on weekdays, 8.30am – 9pm. Just text us your location to 07769239031 and we will come and investigate.

You are still more than welcome to report problems with noise directly to a member of staff, but the text service is intended to help you if you would prefer to maintain your anonymity.

This new service builds on our previous attempts to manage noise by introducing a zoning scheme in the building in October:

Silent study areas: The top floor and the reports and archive areas of the ground floor (accessible via the back staircases)
Quiet study area: The first floor
Group and collaborative working: The PC Hub and Library atrium

If you are experiencing low-level noise, we can also give you some free earplugs that may help you concentrate – just ask at the Welcome Desk!

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