If you are looking for examples of Cranfield theses to help with your work, then keep reading!  Past theses may be valuable for reading previous research, for looking at the structure, methodology and the reference styles used.

Here we have listed our top 3 places to get started:

1. Cranfield Masters Theses Archive

The Masters Theses Archive contains electronic copies of Cranfield Masters theses since 2006 (but also some older ones).  You can search or browse by school, title, author, supervisor or date. Links allow you to download the full-text in PDF.  If you are working off-campus you will need to be logged in via the Extranet first. Further details are on our How to login from off-campus blog post.

2. CERES, the Cranfield Research Repository

CERES contains the full-text of Cranfield DBA and PhD theses. The database can be searched or browsed by community.

3. Printed Theses

The Kings Norton Library holds some print copies of Cranfield theses. Details of the theses available and their location can be found by using Library Search. Most of the theses can be borrowed as well!

Use the drop-down menu at the top left and select the ‘Theses and eTheses only’ option, and then carry out your search.

Links to the Masters Theses Archive and CERES can be found on the right-hand pane on the MIRC website.

As always, if you have any questions please contact us.

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