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Dr Medina obtained his PhD degree in Microbiology in 2007 at the University of Valencia. Subsequently, he worked in the food industry until he obtained a post-doctoral grant from the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation to work in the Applied Mycology Group at Cranfield University (UK) from January 2009 to August 2010. During this post-doctoral training period he applied and was successfully granted a Marie Curie Individual Fellowship (Intra-European Fellowships for Career Development) to develop the project “Mechanism of action of antifungals against mycotoxigenic species: from molecular to phenotypic efficacy” (PIEF-GA-2009-253014) (September 2010 to August 2012). He was then part of the Applied Mycology group as Research Fellow until October 2013. Dr Medina-Vaya re-joined the Applied Mycology group (September 2014) in the new Cranfield Soil and AgriFood Institute where he is currently leading international quality research in the remit of mycotoxigenic fungi and climate change. He is also developing projects for industrial partners. In 2015 he was awarded the Recognised Teacher status by Cranfield University. Dr Medina was promoted to Lecturer in Food Mycology in early 2016 and is now directing the Agrifood MSc course programme.